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Technology built for your needs, whether you’re new to contracting or looking to switch from another umbrella solution. You will receive our unbeatable service provided by a team of contracting experts when you join Payday Payroll.

The Future Is In Your Hands

Payday Payroll empowers agency workers to manage their professional lives via a state-of-the art mobile app that is widely regarded as the ‘best in class’. The app enables the worker to self-serve a raft of information including personal details, work availability, assignment contracts, insurance documents and tax-related documents including P60’s and National Insurance certificates all securely stored.

The app also sends and receives timesheets, expenses claims and payslips with all activity and transactions documented on a real-time timeline tracker. It also serves as an indispensable communication devise between the worker, recruitment agency, end-user client and umbrella company as push notifications, texts and emails can be shared up and down the supply chain.

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